Dell Latitude E6400 XFR Guide

With regards to making a notebook which could withstand abuse, companies familiar with simply sacrifice general aesthetics in favor of overall ruggedness. But the Dell Latitude E6400 XFR-a bulked-up version of this company’s business-class E6400-has all of the amenities and gratifaction an industry worker may need, and is durable enough to handle much more extreme environments versus boardroom. Actually, Dell’s exclusive Ballistic Armor Protection Strategy is meant to meet or exceed military standards.


If you ever could imagine a Dell Latitude using a huge shell of thick plastic and alloy bolted around it, be the easiest way to explain the Dell E6400 XFR. Dell took the identical hardware on the business distinctive line of notebooks and hang up it within a redesigned chassis to carry as much as the rigors of heavy-duty usage. On the average person the Dell XFR probably won’t look stylish or pretty, but this is not the point of full-rugged notebooks. Outside of the color scheme all the design is usually a case of function over form. The body panels are molded with internal bracing for enhanced rigidity, the corners are engrossed in rubber to soak up energy from being dropped, also it even includes built-in handle for easy transport.Build quality is apart from a normal Dell notebook because of very tough body panels and super strong screen hinges.The rubber bumpers are securely attached to the chassis and there is no hint of these attempting to pull or remove. The built-in handle was made as part of the chassis you need to include durable collapsing hinges that allow the handle fold in only when it’s not being utilised. The only real area of the chassis we think may have been improved would be the air vent at the base with the XFR, and that is created from thin plastic. It flexes more than we would like to see on any notebook, standard or rugged, developing a weak spot in an otherwise fully-rugged design.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Laptop keyboards within the E6400 XFR is ruggedized likewise, but has the appear and feel of the standard notebook keyboard. It can be comfortable to type on, with only one light touch had to activate each key. The main element surface is mildly cupped, that can assist center your fingers if you’re typing with gloves or snowy hands. For typing in dark conditions, the laptop keyboard is fully backlit with white LED’s showing in the bottom. The backlit appears to be non-adjustable, with settings exclusively for off, on, and automatic. The touchpad is recessed in the palmrest, letting it to be fully weather-sealed against dust and water intrusion. The touchpad surface is incredibly responsive and has minimal lag inside our testing. The counter texture is often a rough matte finish, providing enough traction for accurate movement but still simple enough to implement but if your fingers are wet. The touchpad buttons are covered in rubber cladding, allowing them to employ a wide choice of movement, but remain sealed resistant to the elements. Feedback is surprisingly good, having a long throw distance as well as a soft click when pressed. Pressure was required to activate the buttons is above average, however, not excessive to strain your fingers after some time.

Display and Audio
Befitting a notebook which will go to the large amount of outdoor use, the E6400 XFR’s 14.1-inch, 1280 x 800-pixel resolution screen was incredibly bright. With 730 nits at our disposal, we were qualified to comfortably keep display at 40 % brightness while working indoors; outdoors, the matte screen has also been very easy to view.An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display and keyboard with respect to the surrounding brightness; occasionally, it was becoming a little hypersensitive, and you can readily disable this feature.

Ports and Webcam

All external ports and expansion slots are sealed from water and mud with solid hinged panels, with frequently employed ports offering sliding access panels. When it comes to ports the E6400 XFR is fully set with three USB, one eSATA/USB combo, LAN, DisplayPort, VGA, FireWire, audio jacks, including a legacy PCMCIA slot. Dell includes a front-mounted SD-card slot having its own little access panel behind the carrying handle.


When compared to other rugged notebooks the Dell E6400 XFR is one of the fastest we now have reviewed. While other rugged notebooks are inclined to select reduced voltage processors and integrated graphics, Dell packed an Intel Core 2 Duo P9600 processor and NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M dedicated graphics. This will give the E6400 XFR to perform at workstation levels, enabling you to run more intensive applications outside in the center of nowhere. A common big disadvantage in this approach is less life of the battery and increased heat, but if you may need the rate, you don’t own another choice. For day-to-day tasks the XFR is reasonably fast while using 128GB SSD, and with the dedicated graphics you may also lightly game in case you are like doing so. If you want to offer 720P or 1080P video down the middle of a forest, the E6400 XFR can readily deal with the load without any hint of lag.


This place lasted for Three hours and 8 minutes on our battery tests which is quite less with this category. However a 12 cell battery is often added but that could amount to extra. Read more look at Getac B300.

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