Japan Travel Guide: Discover Beautiful Places and Event in Japan

Japan Travel Guide Discover Beautiful Places and Event in Japan

Japan is great choice for your vacation destination. Here you can find some Japan travel guide especially how to choose beautiful places and event when you visit Japan.

List of beautiful places in Japan travel guide you should visit:

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and a major global economic power in itself. For the techno whizz there are gadgets galore in Akihabara, while for the culturephile there are tea ceremonies, local festivals and Japanese Gardens dotted all round.

Japan Travel Guide Discover Beautiful Places and Event in Japan

The old capital and traditional heart of the country, Kyoto oozes history and charm with that extra special dash of Japanese elegance. Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Niji-jo… the list goes on and on with shrines, temples, and other historic places to see. Must sees are Kinkakuji – the Golden Temple, Kyo Mizu Dera – a temple that sits on the hillside on huge wooden stilts, and Nijojo – Nijo Castle complete with nightingale floorboards made in the days of the Shogun. You will want to visit here for at least 3-4 days. There are also great river restaurants and if you visit Japan in spring you will love the Philosopher’s Walk with all the lined up cherry trees!

A couple of hours away from Tokyo is Hakone. Here you can take in glorious views of Mount Fuji (best viewed in winter when the air is clear), go walking in the hills, or take a pirate boat trip across the lake. While you’re here, take the cable car and jump off at a station named Owakudani. As you get off you’ll notice lots of steaming vents around you thanks to the volcanic nature of the area.

A tropical paradise set way down in the south of Japan, Okinawa was, for a long time, considered to be separate from Japan. A visit to this area should include your bathing gear, your sunnies and if you drive, it’s worth renting a car. There are also some great dive sites and if you want a complete get away from it all, try some of the smaller islands close by.

List of great event in Japan travel guide you should see:

Sapporo Ice Festival
This festival takes place around the 8th – 11th of February every year. Check out the ice statues that line the main street and try a cup of hot sake to warm your insides. Hokkaido also gets excellent snowfall during the winter months and has made a name for itself for the quality of it’s powder snow for skiers and snowboarders.

Japan Travel Guide Discover Beautiful Places and Event in Japan

Tokyo Motor Show
Tokyo Motor Show usually takes place at the end of October. The actual site of the show is not in Tokyo but in the next prefecture along, Chiba. This is an enormous event and if you love bikes, cars, trucks or anything else with wheels that is powered by an engine, you’re likely to find it here.

Fuji Rock Festival
For the music lovers out there, if you’re in Japan towards the end of August, head out to Niigata for the Fuji Rock Festival. Bring your suntan lotion as it gets hot in the hills at this time of year.

Hanabi Fireworks Festival
July and August see fireworks come in with a bang across the whole of Japan. These are huge, pyrotechnic affairs that usually last for a couple of hours. On average you can expect to see around 1,500 fireworks in a show, but the larger events can set off up to 20,000. Also take a second to admire the beautiful yukatas that people will be wearing because it’s summer.

Asakusa Brazilian Samba Festival
If you’re in Tokyo in August, check out the Asakusa Brazilian Samba Festival for some summer fun. Take to the streets and join in the dancing or watch from the sidelines enjoying a drink with your friends. The choice is yours.

Hope that Japan travel guide can help you to choose your travel destination when visit Japan.

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