Remembering Civil War, While You Camp in Gettysburg

“Wow! What a great trip… the campground is beautifully kept and the staff was helpful and a lot of fun! Well worth it!” said Cindy s from Salt Lake City of Utah.

One of several people who experience the fun enjoying a free summer camp at Camp Gettysburg, a Gettysburg camping natural facilities.

What made it so special from the others? For one they are located to other popular and historic destinations and attractions. Try the excitement hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail or spend time at the Soldier’s National Monument where President Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address.

Travel the short distance to the “Sweetest Place on Earth” in Hershey, Pennsylvania, explore the heart of Dutch Country in Lancaster, or take an hour and a half drive to Washington DC to visit our nation’s capital.

Remembering Civil War, While You Camp in Gettysburg

For not only Cindy, but also other campers who have enjoyed rv camping Gettysburg said it. Well, it needs a real experience to believe it, so go ahead and visit campgettysburg[dot]com, and set of a free camping arrangement for three days in two nights on they’re charge.

As a private PA RV pa rv camping ground located on the southern edge of the most famous battlefield in civil war history, visitors to the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort can walk through time to explore the battlefield as it once was. Visitors to this Gettysburg campground can experience the historic town of Gettysburg and witness the beauty of the Pennsylvania countryside that surrounds them.

But for those camping in Gettysburg it is also the chance to witness civil war enactments that bring history to life. There are no other campgrounds in PA that can creatively combine the past and the present as Gettysburg Battlefield Resort.

It also has special events and activities for all entire seasons, starts from spring to winter as well, so stop imagining and start entering. Then again, with all the amenities at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, you might just want to sit back and relax right here!

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