Iceland travel tips: Vacation Rentals and Camping in Reykjavik

Iceland travel tips Vacation Rentals and Camping in Reykjavik

You have to traveling to Iceland with your family. Imagine, just for a second, a country location it just outside of the Arctic Circle thus it gets Twenty four hours of sunlight in summer season and constant darkness in winter season. Liberally sprinkle it along with a number of the world’s most spectacular geysers, waterfalls and glaciers. Make room for Europe’s largest desert and the world’s third-largest ice cap.

About Reykjavik City

The hub of Iceland is Reykjavík which is furthermore the leading city of Iceland. The common sightseeing attractions centered on this city. Reykjavik itself is a small city, that makes it very simple to get around by foot, though there’s also a comprehensive bus support if you do not extravagant walking. Reykjavik, the World’s most northern capital city, as well as the self-proclaimed “Capital of Cool”.

Iceland travel tips Vacation Rentals and Camping in Reykjavik

Approximately 80 % of visitor spend their time through the summer season, which usually coincides with the regular school holiday seasons in European countries, Canada and America.

Those people visiting the country in winter season can expect some other kind of experience, like sitting inside a hot-tub heated with geothermal water while looking at the Northern Lights. If you are planning to travel to Reykjavik and looking for acomodation, you could go camping or take  vacation rentals in Reykjavik.

Camping in Reykjavik

Iceland is usually expensive, but for just ten bucks you are able to set up a camping tent at the Reykjavik Campground. If you choose to traveling without a tent, the Reykjavik Campsite also rents the equipment for a small service charge. The Reykjavik Campsite provides up backpacking on a grassy lawn for less than nine bucks a person in Reykjavik.

Furthermore, the campground also rents tents for an additional ten bucks on a daily basis. When you consider that a pint of beer can average $6 and a cup of coffee $3, it’s really tough to beat the quality budget accommodations that the Reykjavik Campground has to offer. Regarding the price of the pitch, the capital city’s only campground offers it is guests clean bath rooms, showers and an abundance of hot and cold water. The Reykjavik Campground includes a kitchen’s with hot plates, several picnic tables and awesome free WiFi.

Located less than 3 kilometers from Reykjavik’s tourist, historical down-town area, the Reykjavik Campground is normally open up coming from May 15 to Sept 15. Considering that the campground can support up to 650 persons in tents, cabins, caravans or cars, room is almost always available; consequently, no rooms can be reserved and bookings aren’t required.

With limited spending budget options in Reykjavik, as well as Iceland, the Reykjavik Campground is the best way to take pleasure in the city on a budget. Also another advantage is the fact that the campground is located right across the street to one of the city’s thermal pools – Laugardalslaug. After a day travelling the hub, relaxing in the thermal pools will be fabulous!

Vacation Rentals in Reykjavik

Staying in vacation rentals may be the suitable accommodation alternative for familys or small groups traveling to Reykjavik because it is less costly, yet exclusive and more acceptable compared to staying in hotels and guesthouses. Vacation rentalsprovides from big rental houses to small villas in Reykjavik.

Almost all of the vacation rentals in Iceland are privately owned. Nevertheless, companies focusing on renting apartments have a number of the vacation rentals on the market. Every apartment is decorated and furnished differently, but all include a bathtub or a shower, television set and wifi laptop or computer connection together with a completely equipped kitchen area with all required kitchen appliances and more than one bed rooms. Rent for a few day, one week, month, or whole season! Vacation rentals in Reykjavik are great for familys and large groups to savor the comfort of a full cooking area and lower your expenses by eating in.

Living just like the local people at a vacation rentals in Iceland guarantees everyone a genuine travel experience. Foreign travelers looking for inexpensive accommodation in Iceland without diminishing on exclusivity and convenience get good value for their cash while staying in campground or vacation rentals, rather than in a hotel or a guesthouse.

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