Travel Tips to Switzerland – About the Country and Travel Guide

Travel Tips to Switzerland – About the Country and Travel Guide

Are you planning to travel to Switzerland? Get information about travel tips to Switzerland.

About Switzerland

Switzerland (Swiss) is actually blessed with all the bounties of nature. It’s the most favored holiday vacation destination among all the countries on the planet. The Alps area has a cold temperature most of the times, while the summers tend to be warmer in the north area. Go to Saas Fee to snowboarding and skiing. Dream of living in real life igloo may come true as much major resorts, like St. Moritz and Zermatt (which is known as a celeb resort), had them constructed for their consumers.

Travel Tips to Switzerland – Culture

French, Itali, and German are the official languages of Switzerland. Lots of British people can also be found right here. Unwrapped flowers must be presented to the host showing appreciation. White asters and chrysanthemums flowers are reserved for funerals, so precaution need to be taken once presenting flowers to other people, even red roses are better avoided.

Travel Tips to Switzerland – About the Country and Travel Guide

It’s possible to move around in casuals however it is recommended to dress yourself in warrant jackets and ties when participating in social parties as well as when dining out at a good restaurant. Switzerland Franc is the currency used here.

Travel Tips to Switzerland – Shopping

Switzerland is actually popular because of its amazing chocolates, finest hand made clocks as well as luxurious watches. Some other specialties are embroidered linen, music boxes, wooden carvings, Switzerland cheese and Swiss army knives. A lot of stores stay close on Monday, thus shopping ought to be prevented on that day.

Because service fee is carried out on almost all services, so tipping is definitely an issue of free-will. 7. 6% VAT is charged on all buys made in Switzerland, and this can be gotten back later on through trying for a global refund check, if your buy passes across four hundred CHF.

Travel Tips to Switzerland – Electricity

The standard current used is 230 volts (AC) and 50 Hz.

Travel Tips to Switzerland – Traveling Guide

Switzerland Airplane is the national airline of Switzerland, that links to 71 locations around the world. Zurich is the most famous international airport, located at a distance of 11 kilometres from the city. Every Quarter-hour, trains shuttles travelers to their destination.

Fly-Rail Baggage ticket are available if the passengers wish to collect their particular baggage at the railways station rather than the airport terminal. While leaving Swiss, Fly-Rail Luggage service may be availed that allows traveler to check-in their particular baggage at the railway station itself. Additional services offered right here are duty free of charge shops, banks, cafes and car rent. Take a look at Geneva, Basle and Bern international airport for offers.

Since weather conditions are usually worst during the winters, train is definitely an effective and inexpensive option. They are also excellent if you desires to take pleasure in the scenic natural beauty of Swiss. Switzerland Pass can be bought to travel to many of the tourist attractions in Swiss.

High-quality roadways are maintained here. Roadways connect with Germany, Austria, France and Italy. However in winters things will get worse, so it’s safer to carry chains and snow tires. Vehicles should be kept to the right.

Zurich offers the visitor a number of attractions and sight-seeing opportunities to enjoy. The accommodations in Zurich span the range of the budget and preferences of each and every visitor. From luxurious five-star hotels to humble youth hostels, there are a large number of lodging choices both within the city and in the surrounding areas. For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Zurich Accommodation for more information.

Travel Tips to Switzerland – Duty Free Items

a) Tourists from European countries.

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
2 liter of alcohol (up to 15 per cent) and 1 liter of alcohol (over 15 per cent)
(b) Visitors from non European countries.

400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g of tobacco
2 liter of alcohol (up to 15 per cent) and 1 liter of alcohol (over 15 per cent).
Food items, drugs and absinthe are totally not permitted. Some other things that come under the restricted things checklist are weapons and pets.

Hope that travel tips to Switzerland will help you when you decided to visit this country.

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